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ohh, how can you regret me when you won’t even forget me

My life is just so brilliant that instead of getting to revise for my English Language exam tomorrow (for which I cannot say I have been taught incredibly well feel very prepared) I get to:

  1. Print out pigeonhole notices, cut them all up and put in pigeonholes
  2. Try and find out how to put something on the VLE
  3. Write each name and form out on every single Gifted and Talented letter (there are 80 of them, FYI)
  4. Put THOSE in pigeonholes
  5. Print out audition scripts
  6. Print out posters
  7. Send all of that to Reprographics

Oh yeah, and on Tuesday I get to:

  1. Put all the posters up around school (assuming they’re done, please GOD let them be done)
  2. Plan my route to London, including whether I need to buy a Travelcard
  3. Decide whether to cast roles individually this summer or do it in autumn (both have pros and cons)
  4. Ask Taylor to help me plan my general “idea” for the play
  5. Edit script on computer, re-edit it and possibly get THAT photocopied too

Remind me why I’m doing this again…no, it’s okay, I’m not abandoning it, it’s just everything’s going rather wrong lately and I’m rather down, as well as stressed about my exam.

Kudos to anyone who identifies the song reference without Googling.

Once again, a reminder to say that scripts will hopefully be available around Wednesday, but you can still email me for them.

Time to revise Chekhov’s theory of nativism, I suppose.


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I'm 22 years old, and am in my final year reading Modern Languages at Oxford. I live in Oxford but spent the previous academic year working in Madrid. I run a Facebook group for people of colour who are interested in makeup - search "Beauty of Colour" on Facebook if you'd like to join. I'm interested in the Spanish Golden Age, social media as a concept, the cosmetic industry, foreign languages, mythology, liberation activism and fashion. I also write about Oxford admissions, so please get in contact if you have any questions about studying Modern Languages or life at Oxford. Email me at

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