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OFFICIAL UPDATE as well as some bad-tempered railing against the rain

Okay, well, after a struggle with the LRC guillotine and eventually resorting to ripping using my hands, the pigeonhole notes have been distributed. I have the G and T letters sitting next to me in a box, ready to be name-d and form-ed as well as distributed. Scripts have been sent to photocopying. Should be done by Wednesday, fingers crossed. There is a slight change: the boy/girl scripts are not being done at auditions now, but at callbacks instead. When you pick up a script from the office, it will be double-sided. If you’re a boy, one side will have the two monologues from Benedick, and the other will have a dialogue between Benedick and Claudio. If you’re a girl, one side will have monologues from Helena and Beatrice, and the other will have a dialogue between Helena and Hermia. That’s the official bit done now, so theoretically you may of course stop reading here.

However, I’m super bad word annoyed because I forgot to send the posters to myself. Also I’m annoyed in general because it’s JUNE AND YET IT’S RAINING. Oh yeah, and my exam is in about two hours and I have a headache.

OH YEAH. Please feel free to email at if you want the scripts. You’ll get it earlier which gives you an advantage.


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I'm 22 years old, and am in my final year reading Modern Languages at Oxford. I live in Oxford but spent the previous academic year working in Madrid. I run a Facebook group for people of colour who are interested in makeup - search "Beauty of Colour" on Facebook if you'd like to join. I'm interested in the Spanish Golden Age, social media as a concept, the cosmetic industry, foreign languages, mythology, liberation activism and fashion. I also write about Oxford admissions, so please get in contact if you have any questions about studying Modern Languages or life at Oxford. Email me at

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