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an OFFICIAL reminder, plea and tip

another reminder that auditions next week are from MONDAY TO THURSDAY AFTER SCHOOL IN MISS HUTCHISON’S ROOM. Not friday. And you only need to come once, it’s all good.

Callbacks are the following week on TUESDAY AND THURSDAY ONLY AFTER SCHOOL IN MISS HUTCHISON’S ROOM. It’s to see which pairs work well, not necessarily whether you’ve got a part or not.

Especially year nines and tens reading this, please please please encourage your friends to audition! It’d also be good if ms taylor DOESN’T have to go round bullying all the boys to join in september either. Benedick is a dream part for a guy- he’s cocky, charming, witty and brave, as well as a hero and a success with the ladies. It’s such fun to play and he gets a lot of stage time. I won’t rest until the perfect benedick is found! 🙂

PS- subscribing is gooood. It’s very goooood. As is rehearsing before you audition. All goooood.


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