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Alright guys, I leave for Germany on Sunday and will be there for three weeks, and I don’t know how much internet I’ll get while I’m there.

To surmise:

  1. Subscribe. If you know someone hasn’t, make them.
  2. Consent forms first week back, please! If you’ve lost yours, just get your parents to write a quick note saying they agree to the rehearsals and you do too.
  3. LINES. I’m going to kick you out of rehearsals if you don’t know your lines. And that counts as a strike.
  4. Guys doing the Off By Heart (henceforth OBH)- I really want you to put a lot of work into these scripts. There are heaps of resources on the BBC website, and if you don’t know what something means, I suggest you use No Fear Shakespeare on SparkNotes, where it gives you a literal translation of whole plays.
  5. First rehearsal on Tuesday 6th September, 7.40am, New Hall. You’d better let me know NOW if you won’t be there. So far, I’ve heard nothing. Also, just randomly mentioning it to me doesn’t count. You actually need to email me.

Have a good summer!


About carambalache

I'm 22 years old, and am in my final year reading Modern Languages at Oxford. I live in Oxford but spent the previous academic year working in Madrid. I run a Facebook group for people of colour who are interested in makeup - search "Beauty of Colour" on Facebook if you'd like to join. I'm interested in the Spanish Golden Age, social media as a concept, the cosmetic industry, foreign languages, mythology, liberation activism and fashion. I also write about Oxford admissions, so please get in contact if you have any questions about studying Modern Languages or life at Oxford. Email me at


  1. Ryan ⋅

    Do we really have to do a rehearsal that day as years 8,9,10 and 11 are not required to come in until 12 o’clock

    • stuttgart city girl ⋅

      And the sixth form don’t even have to be in school until the week after, but I’m coming in for rehearsals at 0740 anyway …

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