more fun in rehearsals :)


I’m sure you won’t OFFICIALLY forget, but…

Just another reminder that TOMORROW REHEARSALS START AT 7:40. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Also I no longer use the email address I put on here, so if you’ve written to me over the summer I won’t have read it. The email I now use for everything is, and I get these emails on my phone so I will generally read something as soon as you send it, unless I’m in lessons or at work or something. Please no spam! That’s why I stopped using the old email address.

Evidence shizzle: erm erm erm last Tuesday our awesome Team got together to do rehearsal schedules, set designs, etc. That’s evidence enough, surely?


So, two weeks ago, Hutch and I went to Central London for a National Theatre-led workshop for directors, and it was amazing! We did so much work on rehearsal structure, language work, physical gestures…it was all so so good. I might do a little write-up when it isn’t quarter to twelve the night before I’m going to London šŸ˜‰