officially less than two weeks left

Please don’t forget that all – ALL – lines need to be perfect by Monday! No exceptions here.

If you have any costume articles at home, bring them in please. Costumed rehearsals will be every day after school and changing needs to be done in less than five minutes.



Consent form

Rehearsal and contact information

Rehearsal schedule

These links enable you to access consent forms and rehearsal schedules online, in the event that you should lose yours.

Again, rehearsals are still at 7:40am! There is no excuse for those who did not attend this morning.

I’m sure you won’t OFFICIALLY forget, but…

Just another reminder that TOMORROW REHEARSALS START AT 7:40. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Also I no longer use the email address I put on here, so if you’ve written to me over the summer I won’t have read it. The email I now use for everything is, and I get these emails on my phone so I will generally read something as soon as you send it, unless I’m in lessons or at work or something. Please no spam! That’s why I stopped using the old email address.

Evidence shizzle: erm erm erm last Tuesday our awesome Team got together to do rehearsal schedules, set designs, etc. That’s evidence enough, surely?

Officially back in business

Right. Hope the summer has been enjoyable so far.

– Lines need to be learnt
– Consent forms need to be brought in
– First rehearsal is the first morning back, 0740 please
– The OBHS group need to have made considerable progress with their soliloquies as there will be intensive coaching (hopefully) next term which will be useless without a decent amount of independent work

That’s it for now.


Alright guys, I leave for Germany on Sunday and will be there for three weeks, and I don’t know how much internet I’ll get while I’m there.

To surmise:

  1. Subscribe. If you know someone hasn’t, make them.
  2. Consent forms first week back, please! If you’ve lost yours, just get your parents to write a quick note saying they agree to the rehearsals and you do too.
  3. LINES. I’m going to kick you out of rehearsals if you don’t know your lines. And that counts as a strike.
  4. Guys doing the Off By Heart (henceforth OBH)- I really want you to put a lot of work into these scripts. There are heaps of resources on the BBC website, and if you don’t know what something means, I suggest you use No Fear Shakespeare on SparkNotes, where it gives you a literal translation of whole plays.
  5. First rehearsal on Tuesday 6th September, 7.40am, New Hall. You’d better let me know NOW if you won’t be there. So far, I’ve heard nothing. Also, just randomly mentioning it to me doesn’t count. You actually need to email me.

Have a good summer!

official showbiz stuff

Also…nur zu sagen:

First rehearsal now on 7.40am Tues 6 September 2011 in the New Hall; I’m legally not allowed to bring you in beforehand. Let me know if you won’t be there e.g. if you’re in the Czech Republic or something. Apparently Prague is very beautiful.

Was noch?

Deadline for consent forms is tomorrow. Please do not forget.

And, those who haven’t subscribed need to.

official: off by heart shakespeare

Edit: this might be of interest to your parents 🙂

Guys!! We’ve been given places!!!!

Congratulations!  We are emailing to confirm that your nomination for the BBC Off By Heart Shakespeare contest has been successful. Your nominated student/s have been awarded a place at the London heat on 14th November. Please could you check the details below and email us at if any of the information is incorrect. We’ll be emailing you again after the summer holidays in September with more details about the heats; outlining venue details, confirming times and providing a list of things the students will need to bring on the day. Your pupils now just have to perfect their performance – don’t forget there are plenty of resources at to help them out. If you need any further information please check the FAQs in the What to Expect document or email us. Best wishes, BBC Off By Heart Shakespeare team

Yay!!! I’m so happy for you guys! Please check the date (it’s a Monday) is okay: that’s my dad’s birthday so if it’s during the day, I can come with you, but if it’s in the evening, I might not: I’ll check.

Yay! 🙂


Ryan, Harriet, Matt, this will be useful

They need to let us know if we have places; if not, please don’t kill me! I’ve entered you for the 14th or 15th November in London; hopefully we’ll get places! Harriet and Matt, don’t forget the consent forms or I will have to withdraw you. However, if in two weeks time they email and say, sorry, no, then I’m really sorry 😦

Ryan, here is your speech:

Harriet, yours:

Matt, yours:

I just chose them now, after reading through tons. There should be enough resources on there to help, but I also recommend SparkNotes No Fear Shakespeare which translates it into Modern English, should you need it. I chose three nice long extracts too 🙂



some official reminders

Thankyou to everyone who has already subscribed! Can you tell the others to hurry up?

Also, can you please tell those who weren’t there on Thursday that they need to collect a script from me ASAP. Monday lunchtime would be good, as they’re in Hutch’s room. I don’t carry 50 scripts around with me…

Harriet and Ryan, please do not forget about the consent letters if you are interested! Matt, you seriously need to come and see me or at least email me, it’s really urgent.

Tuesday will be a readthrough but please be aware that some lines may be moved around from person to person. If you’re the kind of person who counts their lines and gets upset if they lose one, get over it now.