official congratulations and a few pictures to boot!

Well done to every single person involved in the production, from cast members to crew members. It was absolutely amazing and I can’t wait for December now!




Guildford :)

Oh yeah, and last night Lauren and I went to see the GSC production of Much Ado, set in 1914. Absolutely fabulous, so so funny and also very touching. It’s running till the 2nd of July, I recommend it wholeheartedly! It was so worth sitting outside in the rain for two and a half hours! Also gave me so many ideas šŸ˜‰ Met the director and she was great; everyone was so friendly and because it was fayre-themed, they were selling candy floss and sweets and inviting people to throw sponges and have a go on the coconut shy! All in character šŸ™‚