officially less than two weeks left

Please don’t forget that all – ALL – lines need to be perfect by Monday! No exceptions here.

If you have any costume articles at home, bring them in please. Costumed rehearsals will be every day after school and changing needs to be done in less than five minutes.



Alright guys, I leave for Germany on Sunday and will be there for three weeks, and I don’t know how much internet I’ll get while I’m there.

To surmise:

  1. Subscribe. If you know someone hasn’t, make them.
  2. Consent forms first week back, please! If you’ve lost yours, just get your parents to write a quick note saying they agree to the rehearsals and you do too.
  3. LINES. I’m going to kick you out of rehearsals if you don’t know your lines. And that counts as a strike.
  4. Guys doing the Off By Heart (henceforth OBH)- I really want you to put a lot of work into these scripts. There are heaps of resources on the BBC website, and if you don’t know what something means, I suggest you use No Fear Shakespeare on SparkNotes, where it gives you a literal translation of whole plays.
  5. First rehearsal on Tuesday 6th September, 7.40am, New Hall. You’d better let me know NOW if you won’t be there. So far, I’ve heard nothing. Also, just randomly mentioning it to me doesn’t count. You actually need to email me.

Have a good summer!

OFFICIAL: Audition information

Hi everyone and welcome to the official blog for this year’s Shakespeare production! Woo šŸ™‚ The way this blog works is that when it says OFFICIAL in the title, it’s something important and you must read it. If it doesn’t say OFFICIAL, it’s probably my random musings and you don’t need to read it. If you’reĀ interested inĀ the play, you might want to subscribe to new posts by clicking the button at the bottom. Eventual cast members will have to do that anyway. If you have a wordpress account, great, because you can comment and ask me questions.

The play this year is Much Ado About Nothing. In a nutshell, there are two plots going on: firstly, the adorably naive Hero and Claudio fall in love but their wedding ends in disaster thanks to scheming villain Don John. Secondly and most famously, Beatrice and Benedick both pride themselves on their razor-sharp wit and their refusal to fall in love or get married, but it’s quite funny how quickly they change their minds when their friends play a prank onĀ them

So, it’s a comedy, and will probably be set in 1950s Las Vegas. Awesome, right? Anyone who has ever been in a Tomlinscote Shakespeare (apart from 2008’s Macbeth, let’s not talk about that) will know that it is literally the most fun you can have while getting up stupidly early, and that the friends you make and the laughs you have (not to mention the inevitable romances which always result from a play like this) are definitely worth learning a few lines. Plus, costumes are always amazing, and you get to miss school to perform in Leatherhead Theatre in October.

Auditions for both Gifted and Talented and normal auditionees will take place on the week beginning 13th June 2011 (second week back). Five types of script will be available: female monologues, male monologues, female duologues, male duologues and female-male duologues. It’s up to you which one you choose: if you’re auditioning on your own but fancy doing a duologue, one of us will read the other part. We might also ask you to read a different script to see what you can do, or even pair you up with someone else if there’s time. Some of the scripts are a little long, so it’s not necessarily bad if we stop you halfway through. It’s not necessary to learn lines (although you can if you wish) but try and look at the script beforehand to get familiar with it. I’ve added a little introduction before each section to give hints as to context.

We’re looking for:

  • clarity– no mumbling!
  • confidence– don’t stare at the page the entire time, and don’t read as if it’s a race. Pauses are good!
  • ability to sustain a role– we want to see a character, not you reading a script
  • enthusiasm– if it’s boring you, why are you auditioning?
  • variety of expression– monotones are banned. Just saying.
  • co-operation– if you’re doing a love scene and refuse to look at the other person, we’ll think you’re too immature for a good part
  • the ability to have fun and not feel embarrassed by acting.

If I manage to get everything done on time (here’s hoping), there should be sign-up sheets in C3 corridor– please do NOT sign up and then fail to turn up. That’s just rude. If the photocopying gets done on time, the scripts should be available mid-week? I don’t know, I’m not Reprographics. Fingers crossed, posters should be going up and letters should be going out next week.

It’s quite likely there will be callbacks the following week, but not on Monday 20th June (I’m actually seeing a production of Much Ado in Guildford, woop, but don’t know with whom. Might invite my lovely French *friend* or my sister. Any offers?), or on Wednesday 22nd June (I’m at an Open Day in London, woop! Wait, I haven’t actually asked Mr Victory for permission!) or on Friday 24th June (I have to work, dammit). So basically after school on Tuesday 21st June and Thursday 23rd June. Therefore, some might be before school (shudder), at break or lunch.

If you genuinely can’t make any of the audition dates, come and see me (in case you don’t know, I’m short with black hair and a loud voice, and hang out in the LRC), Ms Taylor or Miss Hutchison and arrange to audition another time, like before school, at break or at lunch.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in every production since Year Seven or if this is your first time ever, everyone is wanted! Encourage your friends to come too: often, people have just come along for moral support/to stand in during a duologue and have gotten a really good part! You honestly have nothing to lose.

See you next week!