officially less than two weeks left

Please don’t forget that all – ALL – lines need to be perfect by Monday! No exceptions here.

If you have any costume articles at home, bring them in please. Costumed rehearsals will be every day after school and changing needs to be done in less than five minutes.


I’m sure you won’t OFFICIALLY forget, but…

Just another reminder that TOMORROW REHEARSALS START AT 7:40. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Also I no longer use the email address I put on here, so if you’ve written to me over the summer I won’t have read it. The email I now use for everything is, and I get these emails on my phone so I will generally read something as soon as you send it, unless I’m in lessons or at work or something. Please no spam! That’s why I stopped using the old email address.

Evidence shizzle: erm erm erm last Tuesday our awesome Team got together to do rehearsal schedules, set designs, etc. That’s evidence enough, surely?

official showbiz stuff

Also…nur zu sagen:

First rehearsal now on 7.40am Tues 6 September 2011 in the New Hall; I’m legally not allowed to bring you in beforehand. Let me know if you won’t be there e.g. if you’re in the Czech Republic or something. Apparently Prague is very beautiful.

Was noch?

Deadline for consent forms is tomorrow. Please do not forget.

And, those who haven’t subscribed need to.